Accompagnement des MARins pêcheurs pour la Réalisation d’Économies d’Énergie

Energy Saving Support for professional Fishermen

Reducing the fuel consumption of fishing vessels is vital for two reasons. First, it limits the environmental impact of professional sea fishing. And second, it helps to keep vessel running costs at a level that small-scale fishermen can afford, since fuel expenses can account for as much as 40% of revenue. Cooperation Maritime has therefore launched the AMARREE programme, with a view to reducing energy consumption in the commercial fishing industry.

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The French Act on the Programming and Orientation of Energy Policy (known as the “POPE” Act, articles 14 to 17 of Act no. 2005-781), passed in 2005, introduced Energy Saving Certificates (ESC). Under this scheme, so-called “obliged” energy suppliers (fuel, electricity, gas, domestic heating oil, etc.) are required to introduce energy-saving incentive measures. The programme is entirely funded by Total Marketing France in its capacity as an “obliged” energy supplier.



Vessels are fitted with innovative econometers that precisely measure fuel consumption. The aim is to fit 250 such gauges. They provide real-time fuel consumption data, allowing fishermen to drive the boat more efficiently.

Cooperation Maritime has teamed up with the European Maritime Training Centre (CEFCM), which runs a course on eco-friendly vessel driving. The course is available in initial and continuing education formats.

The observatory gathers and analyses data from the econometers fitted to fishing vessels to produce accurate energy consumption statistics. It publishes data on fuel cost trends and how these changes impact vessel profitability. The observatory also compiles a list of existing vessel energy-use reduction systems.

Target audience

The AMARREE programme is intended for vessels that:

Fly the French flag
Are operated by an active SME
Are more than 6 meters long
Source more than 50% of their fuel from mainland France and/or French overseas departments

Progress to date

Since the programme was launched, 143 partners have signed up, 10 partner working meetings have taken place, and the programme has been presented 9 times.


1 August
12 July
30 June
01 AMARREE to speak at the Fishing and Seafood Conference 2019

The Fishing and Seafood Conference 2019 kicks off in 42 days’ time. AMARREE will take part in a round-table debate entitled “Considering the environmental impact of value chains” at 2:55 pm on 12 September.

02 AMARREE programme presented to the Normandy Regional Deep-Sea Fishing and Fish Farming Committee

AMARREE programme presented to the Normandy Regional Deep-Sea Fishing and Fish Farming Committee – The AMARREE team presented the programme to the Normandy Regional Deep-Sea Fishing and Fish Farming Committee on 12 July. Many thanks to chairman Dimitri Rogoff and director Marc Delahaye for their warm welcome.

03 Fuel economy gauges under development

The AMARREE team paid a visit to Breizelec for the first test of the innovative new fuel gauges developed especially for the programme by MBM Electricité. The gauges give an instant snapshot of vessel fuel consumption and provide both forecast and retrospective fuel use data.



Georges LE LEC
Project Manager
Mathilde GUEGUEN
Project Manager
Study manager
Communication Officer